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Public and Media Relations

Public and Media RelationsThe Hoffman Group promotes organizations, businesses, celebrities, funders and their work by developing and implementing highly effective and creative outreach strategies that achieve maximum impact for our client organizations. We excel at developing strategies that put clients and their agendas in the national spotlight. While some public relations efforts simply make noise, we pride ourselves on achieving maximum impact by developing strategies focused on persuasion and shaping the public debate.

We work with clients to amplify messages and conduct effective rapid response operations, utilizing organizational spokespeople and other high-profile and authoritative voices that resonate with target audiences. We have excellent contacts with high-profile opinion leaders and among key constituency organizations, and are known for successfully recruiting and engaging key allies.

Our team has extensive experience with national, regional and local news and internet outlets. We package stories, identify target audiences, find news hooks, and determine the most effective means to get those stories out.

Our services include:

  • Public education and advertising campaigns
  • Branding
  • Message, materials and packaging
  • Coalition building and opinion leader outreach
  • Celebrity endorsements and cause matching
  • Press conferences, press conference calls and other events
  • Media outreach, tours and talk show placement
  • Digital and social media campaigns
  • Opinion-editorials, bylined columns and editorial outreach
  • Speechwriting
  • Speaker preparation and media training
  • Media Monitoring