The Hoffman Group

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Digital Strategies

The Hoffman Group was one of the very first firms in the nation to recognize and utilize the power of the internet as a strategic public affairs tool. From developing some of the first websites and blogs to fully harnessing the power of highly targeted internet advertising and today’s social media, The Hoffman Group and its entrepreneurial President, Gail Hoffman, have been leading the way since 1995.

Whether forwarding a policy agenda, promoting products or services, or engaging supporters, successful utilization of the internet must be highly strategic. The Hoffman Group assesses client goals, resources, target audiences, and broader communications objectives to ensure that online activities are integrated into and enhance an organization’s larger agenda.

We can:

  • Work with you to plan and implement an effective digital strategy, whether you are starting a new venture or expanding your online presence
  • Devise strategies to draw visitors to your site and optimize online advertising
  • Help you effectively use social media to expand your support base, build your brand and disseminate your messages
  • Develop and direct targeted digital advertising buys
  • Cultivate mutually advantageous partnerships with other enterprises
  • Help you react to emerging new stories, counter misinformation or rapidly respond to crises