The Hoffman Group

The experience, vision and commitment to take you where you need to be.

About Us

The Hoffman Group is a full-service public affairs consulting firm located in historic Old Town, Alexandria, VA, just across the river from Washington, DC. We have extensive expertise in strategic planning, media and government relations, crisis communications and event planning. Specializing in high-profile public policy campaigns, our services include issue advocacy, public relations, message development and coalition building as well as innovative digital strategies to shape the public debate and mobilize support.

The Hoffman Group delivers an unparalleled level of personalized service. We understand your objectives and provide the vision, experience, and commitment to make them a reality. For us, effective public affairs means more than simply issuing a press release or arranging a meeting. It means an external outreach strategy with compelling messages and materials, thorough preparation for even the most unexpected circumstances or questions, and successful implementation of a plan. The Hoffman Group not only puts you in the spotlight; we thoroughly prepare you to shine.

Your goals are our priority, and we take you where you need to be.